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Muhammad Mursi: There Is No Difference in Creed Between Egyptians or Between Muslim and Christian Beliefs
Posted by Abu.Iyaad, Editor in Ideology
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Muhammad Mursi: There is No Foundational Difference in the Creed of all Egyptians and Differences Between Muslims and Christians are Only Dynamic, Kinetic and Mechanistic

In an interview on the Mehwar channel in a program called 90 Minutes, Muhammad Mursi (ousted Ikhwani leader of Egypt) stated (listen to audio):

There are some differences but they are not in universal foundations (of belief)... it is not possible for their to be differences in creed, naturally, impossible. Between the Egyptians, there is no difference in creed at all (fundamentally), amongst all Egyptians, there is no difference in belief, between Muslims and Christians... there is no difference between Muslim belief and Christian belief, everyone believes what he wants. The difference is only dynamic, it is matter of ways and means, of kinetics of mechanisms, it is not in creed, it is not possible for it to be in creed...

The answer of Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan when asked, "What is the ruling of the one who says that the aqidah of the Muslims and Christians is one for the sake of political expediencies?" (is at the end of the above audio clip):

I seek refuge in Allaah ... they are not one, our creed, our creed and that of the Christians. Our creed is (pure) monotheism, is the religion of Abraham like the religion of the trinity? We ask Allaah for pardon. (Saying this) for the sake of the worldly (affairs) and benefits. This is not permissible. Yes, (of course), it is permissible for us to interact with them and have agreements with them in what relates to (matters) that regulate our religion and (matters through which) no harm comes to them upon our religion and through which their harm is repelled from us. A covenant with them is one thing, the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) did this, but that we are pleased with their religion or that we praise their religion, this is disbelief in Allaah, yes.


The likes of this should come as no surprise when the major figureheads of Ikhwan (Sayyid Qutb) state that Islam is just a perfect blend of Christianity and Communism. In the 13th edition and print of Sayyid Qutb's "Ma'rakat ul-Islam war-Ra'samaaliyyah", published in 1993CE (1414H).

Qutb says (p. 61):

And it is necessary for Islaam to judge, since it is a unique, constructive and positivist aqidah which has been moulded and shaped from Christianity and Communism together, [with a] blending in the most perfect of ways and which comprises all of their (i.e Christianity and Communism's) objectives and adds in addition to them harmony, balance and justice.

The words used by Qutb (تصوغ) - forming, shaping, moulding something from something, to forge, fabricate something. And (مزيجا) - compounded, blended, a mixture, medley, blend, combination, compound, alloy - from (مزج) - to mix, mingle, incorporate, blend, i.e. a thing with water, or a thing with something else. And he added to that (كاملا) - complete, perfect. All this from Lane's Lexicon. So we have a complete, perfect, mix and blend of each of Communism and Christianity into a medley, compound and alloy, to make up Islam.

Therefore Qutb has stated that Islam is a mixture and blend, a mingling of those ideologies of men and shares in their ideals and goals, and that it simply adds the elements of harmony, balance and justice to a combination of those man-made religions and secular systems.

When we have the major figureheads of al-Ikhwan expressing and writing these types of things in their books, then what do you expect from their students, followers and devotees?

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