Shaykh Saalih Al-Suhaymee: It Is Obligatory to Name, Expose and Refute the Instigators of Extremist Ideologies and Activities
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Shaykh Saalih Al-Suhaymee: It Is Obligatory to Name, Expose and Refute the Instigators of Extremist Ideologies

Shaykh Salih al-Suhaymee, in his article titled (آية المنافق) "Sign of the Hypocrite" (dated August 2009), stated about the Khawaarij:

ثانياً: وضع النقاط على الحروف بتسمية أصحاب هذا الفكر بالأسماء اللائقة بهم فإنهم خوارج بل إنهم شر من الخوارج القدامى فإنهم ضموا إلى خارجيتهم وفكرهم المنحرف تطبيق نظرية ميكافيلي وهي أن الغاية تبرر الوسيلة. فلا يكفي أن يحوم الخطباء والكتاب حول الحمى . أو أن يكتفوا بالإشارات أو الاستنكار المجرد بل لا بد من فضح أرباب هذا الفكر ، وبيان حكم الشرع فيهم توضيحاً للحقائق وتحذيراً للأمة عامة والشباب خاصة من الاغترار بهذا الفكر الذي يستقيه أصحابه من زيارات الإنترنت أو من فتاوى السفهاء القابعين في كهوف الجبال

Secondly, to place the dots on the letters (i.e. completing the affair and making it perfect) by naming the people of this ideology with the names appropriate to them, for they are Khawaarij (Renegades), in fact, they are more evil than the Khawaarij of old, because in addition to their Kharijism and and their deviant ideology, they added the application of Machiavellian philosophy, which is that the ends justify the means. So it is not sufficient that the preachers (sermon-givers) and writers wander around the sanctuary, or that they suffice with just making hints, or mere rejection (on its own). Rather, it is necessary to expose the lords of this ideology, and explain the legislative ruling upon them, in clarification of the true realities, and out of warning the Ummah in general and the youth in particular, from being deceived by this ideology which is taken by its people from visitations on the Internet, or from the verdicts of the foolish who crouch in the caves in mountains...

Essentially, this means to avoid ambiguity in ones speech and to join the dots and connect the lines and state what is plain and clear, to describe contemporary Kharijites with exactly what they deserve of labels and descriptions. It is required from Muslims and in particular the people of the Sunnah, that they name, expose, and refute the originators and instigators and propagators of those ideologies which are founded upon this broad Kharijite way of thinking and to wage war against every individual, group or faction that spreads the thought of Sayyid Qutb or al-Nabahani (both fountains of misguidance and extremism), or who promotes their ideologies through propaganda for their writings, or who has been instrumental in carrying these ideas to the Muslims at large, betraying them and misguiding them in their religion.

The Origins of 20th Century Extremists and Terrorists: The extremism we see today has its ideological foundations in the writings of four "thinkers" - Sayyid Qutb, Abu A'laa Mawdudi, Hasan al-Banna and Taqi al-Din al-Nabahani. All of these four men were affected by Marxist Communist Socialist methodologies, and in some cases (al-Nabahani, Qutb) they took wholesale from Lenin and clothed their ideas in Islamic garb (see here for details) - they only differed in minor practicalities, so for example, Qutb advocated a violent revolution engineered by an elite group and al-Nabahani advocated a generalized revolution brought about through the activities of a disciplined elite political party. Today we have scores of groups, parties and sects which are offshoots these groups and they have understandings of jihaad tainted by that Marxist Communist revolutionary ideology - they believe revolutions are the way to topple all current (apostate) states and governments and replace them with an Islamic governance, as they claim. This is not what any of the Messengers came with and this clashes with the revealed texts. The underlying assumption made by these people in their ideologies is that all nations today are apostate nations - some of them were explicit in stating this like Qutb and Nabahani - and others were indirect in portraying that. Upon this foundation, these Kharijites emerged during the early part of the second half of the twentieth century and slowly spread to different Muslim lands. The evils and atrocities of these people plagued Muslim lands before even reaching the lands of the non-Muslims. A crucial thing to note here is that this evil ideology is old and ancient and it has not arisen due to the foreign policy of any non-Muslim nation - a false argument often used to justify or explain why these extremists do what they do. Rather, this ideology pre-dates by centuries upon centuries whatever geo-political strategies are being implemented in the Muslim lands today and whilst these geo-political strategies have allowed the argument to be made that the extremists are motivated by the foreign policy of non-Muslim nations, they cannot in any way, be used justify the actual existence of this extreme and vile ideology which provides the backbone for these extremist and terrorist activities. If the foreign policy of non-Muslim nations was the cause, then surely, all the Muslims would be involved in extremist and terrorist activities. But that is not the case. Rather, it is only those poisoned with that evil ideology found in the books of Sayyid Qutb and al-Nabahani and others from whom these types of evil actions arise.

For this reason, the orthodox Scholars of Sunni, Salafi Islaam have - throughout the centuries and ages - waged a war against these extremists, and if one was to survey the books of the Salafi scholars from ancient times to this day of ours, he would find them replete with warnings and refutations against this evil band of foolish-minded, ignorant, mischief-makers.