Jewish Extremist Says 'Drop 30 Nukes on Germany'
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The Times of Israel reports on an opinion editorial piece published in a Hebrew newspaper (original here) (screenshot) wherein the author, Ben-Eliyahu, called for the nuking of German cities as retribution for the Holocaust.

Right-wing media outlet Israel National News published an opinion piece Tuesday calling on Israel to launch nuclear bombs at Iran and Germany, only days after the outlet came under fire for publishing a piece accusing a war widow of killing her husband over her pro-peace views.

In the opinion article published Tuesday, the author claims that only through nuclear annihilation of Iran and Germany, with 20 or 30 nuclear bombs each, can Israelis prevent the state's destruction.

"If Israel does not walk in the ways of God's Bible," author Chen Ben-Eliyahu wrote in Hebrew, "it will receive a heavy punishment of near complete destruction and doom and only a few will be saved."

One of Israel's missions is to remember the crimes of Amalek, a tribe representative of pure evil in the Bible, whom Jews are commanded to obliterate. Among those descended from the band, the author writes, are Iranian leaders Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and current President Hassan Rouhani.

"They don?t miss an opportunity to discuss the need for the annihilation of Israel," he wrote.

To combat this Israel must respond in kind, Ben-Eliyahu declared. "To an existential threat we must respond with an existential threat," he wrote, "not with speeches in Congress. We must make it clear to the Iranians that Israel will wipe out their nuclear program and Tehran and Isfahan as well."

"If [an enemy] rises up to destroy you, rise earlier to destroy him: twenty, thirty nuclear bombs will do to assure the job gets done," he continued.

He also called on Israel to remember its near destruction at the hands of the Nazis and exact revenge on Germany, now a staunch ally of Israel.

When the Messiah comes, Ben-Eliyahu wrote, Israel will reverse the Final Solution. "Twenty, thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on to assure the job gets done. And the land will be quiet for a thousand years," he wrote.

Israel National News refused to comment on the website?s decision to run the op-ed.

The Amalekites in Jewish Teachings

The 613 commandments (mitzvot) from the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides are described as thus:

The talmud tells us (Tractate Makkot 23b) that there are 613 commandments in the Torah; 248 Positive Commandments (do's) and 365 Negative Commandments (do not's). However, the talmud does not provide us with a list of these commandments. Several great Jewish scholars have compiled a complete listing of these commandments. Although they all agree on the vast majority of the commandments, they do disagree concerning a number of them. The arguments are for scholastic purposes only, for they do not disagree over any actual commandment whether it is mandatory or forbidden -- they only disagree whether certain commandments are independent commandments, or perhaps they are part of another commandment and are not counted on their own.

From those commandments include the following:

  • Destroy the seven Canaanite nations - Deut. 20:17
  • Not to let any of them remain alive - Deut. 20:16
  • Wipe out the descendants of Amalek - Deut. 25:19
  • Remember what Amalek did to the Jewish people - Deut. 25:17
  • Not to forget Amalek's atrocities and ambush on our journey from Egypt in the desert - Deut. 25:19

Rabbi Avraham Weiss (Hebrew Institute of Riverdale), during his discussion of Religious Zionism notes that:

"The affirmative Torah commandment is to destroy those who bear the seed of Amalek. Since the halakha has ruled that Amalek does not exist today, the commandment can not be carried out. Rav Haim haLevi Soloveitchik, however, maintained that there are two forms of Amalek. There is the genetic Amalek, and there is the figurative Amalek, which constitutes any nation wishing to destroy Israel. Basing themselves on this position, Kahanists argue that Arabs are figurative Amalek. Thus, whenever Arabs were indiscriminately killed, the classic Kahanist response was, "We were not involved, but we applaud the action." Thus, after Ami Popper murdered seven Arabs, Rabbi Kahane suggested that a street be named for him. Thus, the Hevron massacre has been defended in some circles not on the grounds of national warfare, but on the grounds of fighting against Amalek... Rav Joseph B. Soloveitchik further distinguishes between the two forms of Amalek. Every individual who bears the genes of Amalek must be wiped out. With regard to the figurative Amalek, on the other hand, one is mandated to engage in warfare against any nation that attempts to destroy the Jewish people."

As published in a symposium report, "Religious Zionism" in the magazine, "Tradition" (28:4) by the Rabbinical Council of America. It is clear that Ben-Eliyahu is from those extremists being alluded to by Weiss in his discussion.