London Westminster Terrorist Attack: Mosque Leader Says London IS Terrorist 'Closer to Satanism Than Islam'
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Mosque Leader Says London IS Terrorist 'Closer to Satanism Than Islam'
By: Josh Layton 23rd March 2017.

A Birmingham Muslim leader condemned the terrorist behind the westminster attack as closer to satanism than the true word of Islam.

Abu-Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid, of the Wright Street Mosque in Small Heath, said the killer had displayed "unbelievable" cowardice in targeting innocent men, women and children.

He spoke as Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terror outrage.

A statement said: "The perpetrator of the attacks yesterday in front of the British parliament in London was an Islamic State soldier and he carried out the operation in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition."

The Amaq News Agency, seen as the terror group's official press service, issued the statement.

Mr Abdul-Wahid also said Birmingham still suffered from a legacy of extremism that dated back decades to a previous generation of jihadists.

The place of worship had itself been targeted by extremists because of its moderate stance and efforts to counter messages of hate, he said.

Mr Abu-Khadeejah said: "My reaction is the same as any other normal human being living in the UK - it's shocking.

"One of the standard Salafi approaches dating back to the 1980s is that these people are not acting on religious values but satanic values.

"These acts go against every single tradition and value known to any right-minded Muslim.

"We don't consider them to be acting upon Islamic values or Islamic theological rulings whatsoever.

"More than condemning them, what is there that one can do?

"We have been calling for the abolition of their publications for decades.

"There used to be an extremist publishing house in Birmingham on Ladypool Road.

"From those days right up until now we have been calling for those publications to be banned along with anything on the internet that can reach and radicalise youths."

The lecturer was unsurprised to hear of strong Birmingham links to the senseless murders of four people, with many more injured, in Westminster on Wednesday afternoon.

The Wright Mosque, also known as the The Salafi Masjid, has opposed hate preachers from its location on the Coventry Road in Small Heath.

Mr Abu-Khadeejah said: "Birmingham is a lot better than it used to be because true and correct information has become widespread but it is suffering from that legacy and I'm sure there are people who haven't let go of that ideology.

"Otherwise, why does it keep happening?

"Birmingham should be safe for our children and youth but it doesn't seem to be judging by what's happening in the world today."

Mr Abu-Khadeejah extended his sympathies to all those affected by the attack .

He said: "The victims are in our thoughts and we feel a huge loss for their families and our condolences go out to their families.

"Whether they were Muslim or non-Muslim is irrelevant, a victim is a victim.

"This is the cowardice of these extremists.

"It's unbelievable, the cowardice. I can't refer to them as Muslims.

"That's one of the great problems of these kinds of people, they claim such bravado and bravery and courage, but where's the bravery in killing innocent women and children?

"Young and old, indiscriminately. Unarmed civilians. I know that in a few days ISIS or whoever else will be singing songs for them and calling them brave soldiers.

"But soldiers fight on battlefields.

"Historically courage and bravery is on the battlefield between warring armies for a just cause, whether it be the Greeks, the Romans or the Arabs of old.

"They oppose the ideals of every single civilisation that I can think of."

Source: Birmingham Mail