Prime Minister Imran Khan: India Taken Over by Extremist, Hindu Supremacist Ideology of RSS
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India Taken Over by Extremists

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Sunday, urged the international community to identify the regional and global repercussions of a nuclear-armed India dominated by Hindu supremacist ideology promoted by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)...

The Premier said that this Hindu supremacist ideology is the foundation of India?s unlawful annexation of the disputed Himalayan territory. He underscored that the RSS was inspired by Nazism, Hitler, Mussolini and Fascism, and emerged with a vendetta against centuries of Muslim rule over the subcontinent.

"It believes in the racial supremacy of the Hindu civilization, it believes in the ethnic cleansing of Muslims of India, and it believes that India is only for Hindus." Explaining the origins and ideologies of the founding fathers of RSS, Imran Khan emphasized the spread of hatred towards Muslims, alongside eliminating tolerance from India, as witnessed after the assassination of India's most popular leader, Gandhi...

Imran Khan observed that the emergence of the Nazi party revealed how a small, well-organized ideological group can take over an entire country. He said, "That is what is happening in India. An extreme ideology has taken over India, they do not consider minorities, especially Muslims, as equals."

The premier continued, "This extremist ideology was responsible for the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. It is responsible for the lynching of Muslims." Imran Khan lamented the plight of Indian Muslims who are tortured and beaten up by Hindu cow protectors and narrated the ordeal of the 1.9 billion Muslims in Assam, who are being deprived of their Indian citizenship.

He said, "The BJP government has stated very clearly that they want to change the demography of the disputed territory. They want to change a Muslim-majority province into a Muslim minority province by bringing in out-settlers to change the demography."

Imran Khan underscored that this intolerance promoted by the Hindu supremacist ideology will not stop at Muslims, but in fact, it will target other religious minorities across India, including the Dalits, Christians, Sikhs, and others....

Source: Global Village