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Far-Right Extremist EDL 'Tommy Robinson' and His Zionist Partners' Activities Leading to Hatred and Violence Against Muslims in the UK
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Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) is an convicted criminal Islam-hating extremist (and a self-declared 'proud Zionist') who has been in and out of the courts and prison, has been co-opted (used, handled) by hardline political Zionists and is involved in stoking racial and religious hatred in Britain, which he disguises as fighting against Islam. This is being done by inciting whites against Muslims and Islam through the issue of extremism and terrorism as well as selective highlighting of crimes committed by sinful Muslims who engage in actions which Islam strictly prohibits and for which it specifies capital punishments. It is said that people around him (his closest friends and even family members) became Muslim and that is what is driving his Islam hatred.

Recently, Tommy Robinson and his Zionist partners who have given him a platform on their media platform (run by Ezra Levant) - with a reach of hundreds of thousands of viewers - have been using a particular tactic and this is the formula for it:

Find court cases wherein Asians of Muslim background are charged with crimes of a sexual nature, turn up with a camera-crew, and create dramatic scenes outside the courthouse using the techniques 'Tommy' has been taught. These videos are then published on the Zionist media platform with a large reach and fed to gullible Americans and Europeans who are none the wiser about the real underlying agenda and whose emotions are played with through issues which naturally arouse anger.

Now what Tommy Robinson is not telling you is that the biggest, most depraved and vilest sexual criminals and pedophiles around are actually white British males. Just to go The UK Database, a sex-offenders register with 52,000 records which gives up to date reports on convicted criminals and you will see that they are all, with minimal exceptions, white males.

That is leaving aside the organised pedophile rings that have been running in the higher eschelons of society within the United Kingdom involving celebrities and politicians - experts at either grooming and molesting or kidnapping and raping.

And with the knowledge that Thailand and the Far East in general are popular destinations for white males from across America and Europe for fulfilment of pedophilic fantasies. Take for example, Richard Huckle, 'the UK's worst paedophile' (see here), who was given 22 life sentences in a London court in June 2016 after admitting to 71 charges of sex abuse against children in Malaysia (a Muslim country). In fact, this practice of perverted white Western males has been going on since colonialist times and continues to take place today:

And the worst, most-sickening, depraved pedophile crimes are by white males who have organised networks (often running across continents) for systematic baby and toddler rape:

Where's Tommy? Not here... because he is only interested in brown faces. Specifically, those who are of Muslim backgrounds who have sexual relations outside of marriage, involving rape or grooming. Those who commit these crimes are evil sinners according to Islam and they would be punished severely in accordance with Islamic law. This exposes the fraudulent nature of the game being played by 'Tommy' and those who support his activities from behind wherein they are trying to mobilise hatred against Muslims on account of their religion.

So Tommy Robinson is a fraudster and it is known from the above that he is not truly concerned about grooming, pedophilia and sex crimes but more concerned about stoking racial and religious hatred against Muslims. If he was genuinely concerned about these crimes, he and his Zionist partners would be putting the focus where it actually belongs, on white English males like the ones pictured above.

Also, in these inciting videos, if one watches 'Tommy Robinson' carefully, with a keen eye, his acting techniques can be readily discerned. It is clear that he has been taught techniques through which to create drama, tension and to incite his audience. It's all a play and an act. Tommy is the front man and behind him are others with wider strategic objectives.

Thankfully, a lot of people are not stupid, are well-informed and are not buying his lies and his fraudulent behaviour. The video on the right is an interesting rant by a level-headed white man (for information purposes only, we may not agree with everything stated in this video, and the opinions are those of this man).

An intelligent, well-informed man ranting against 'Tommy Robinson' and the EDL. For information purposes only (we may not agree with everything stated in this video, and the opinions are those of this man and not necessarily ours).

Hardline Zionists and the EDL

Below we find Stephen Yaxley-Lennon with Nachum Shifren (see here, here and here), a West-Bank settler and rabid, Islam-hating loon.

And Ezra Levant who runs a Youtube media platform which hosts 'Tommy Robinson'. He has been previously convicted of libel against a Muslim and had to pay $80,000 compensation. This network has co-opted 'Tommy Robinson' who spreads hatred against Muslims and Islam in a calculated, planned and organised manner. This is done by deliberately equating the extreme, political ideology of the revolutionary terrorists with the essence of Islam as a result of which all Muslims who follow Islam become targets and victims by default of anti-sentiment.

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