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Saudi Interior Minister: Muslim Brotherhood Is The Origin Of The Problems (of Extremism and Terrorism)
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Amir Nayif bin Abdul-Azeez, the Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, in a recent statement explained that the Muslim Brotherhood is the origin, base of the tribulation(s). He said:

Without any hesitation I say it, that our problems, all of them came from the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood. He added, With the judgement of my responsibility, I say that when the affairs became severe upon the Brotherhood, and many hardships were brought upon them in their state (Egypt), they sought refuge in the Kingdom, and it accommodated them and defended them, and after Allaah, it saved their lives, and also preserved their nobility and their rights, and made them secure. And our brothers in other Arab lands accepted this arrangement and they said that they (the Brotherhood) should not become active in the Kingdom. Then after spending years amongst us we found that they sought employment, and so we made all the ways possible for them. There were teachers amongst them, and principals, headmasters, so we opened the doors of the schools and universities for them. But unfortunately, they did not forget completely, their previous attachment (to their ideas), and so they began to muster the people, and initiate movements (from within). Then they became opposed to the Kingdom!

Source: Interview with as-Siyaasah Newspaper of Kuwait in November 2002

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