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A Warning to the Muslims of Cardiff (Wales) Against the Cult of Omar Bakri
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Topics: Omar Bakri Al-Muhahirun Hizb Ut-Tahrir

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This is part of a series of leaflets put together by the Salafi community of Cardiff to warn the Muslims against the cult of Omar Bakri that is operating in that area.

Noble brothers and sisters, we would like to bring to your attention the fact that in the last few months a handful of youth well known for their lack of knowledge by most in South Wales have been inviting supporters of Omar Bakri Muhammad to deliver Islamic lectures. Alhamdu lillaah, most of us are familiar with the antics and false doctrine propagated by this group.

However, there are a few in Cardiff who may be unfamiliar with this group especially as they try to camouflage their identity by constantly renaming themselves. Those who are organising these events are even deliberately omitting the names of the speakers from some fliers as they are aware that the Muslims will flee from any seminar involving individuals like this.

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