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The Barbaric Abu Qatada Encouraged The Murder of Innocent Women and Children
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In the excellent publication by Shaikh Abdul-Malik ar-Ramadaanee (teacher in Madinah, Saudi Arabia) entitled, "Liberating the Servants From the Barbarity of Abu Qatad[a] Who Calls For the Killing of Women and Children", the author provides textual documentation of the barbaric verdicts given by this beast on two legs, advocating and justifying the killing of women and children.

Abu Qatada passed numerous verdicts regarding the tribulations in Algeria. From them is his verdict entitled:

A verdict of great importance about the permissibility of killing women and children to repel the danger of killing and violation of the brothers (ikhwan)

The "brothers" referred to are those who share the takfiri ideology of Abu Qatada.

The verdict was also published in al-Ansar magazine, no. 90 in 1995 and in which Abu Qatada concludes:

There it becomes clear that threatening the offspring and wives of the apostates with death, as is done by the Armed Islamic Resistance in Algeria, in order to weaken (lessen) the oppression of women, prisoners and brothers, is a legislated act and there is no doubt surrounding it.

The reference here to "apostates" are those Muslims whom the extremist takfiris (kharijites) have expelled from the fold of Islam on account of standard takfiri dogma. Abu Qatada called for the deliberate killing of the wives and children of such people they judged with disbelief.

While this beast sat enjoying the benefits of living in a society devoid of civil strife, he actively encouraged social strife and degeneration, murder, the destruction of lives and families in other (Muslim) lands.

So what is the Islamic ruling on the killing of women and children in conventional warfare?

There is a rich body of literature that expounds the legal injunctions in Islam regarding warfare.

In Bukhari (3014) and Muslim (1744) upon the authority of Ibn 'Umar (radiallaahu anhu) who said:

The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) prohibited the killing of women and children.

It is authentically reported by Imaam Malik (in his al-Muwatta) and others that when Abu Bakr sent the armies to Shaam he said:

Do not kill women or children or an old-aged senile person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place.

This is just a small selection of many texts that illustrate the barbarity and deviation from Islam characterized in the evil statements of Abu Qatada.

We enjoin all Muslims to reject such extremism and to warn their communities and societies against Abu Qatada and the evil ideology he represents.

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